Maggie Delena latex clothing designer

Replacing skin with rubber
one body at a time

MaggieDelena Latex Design was born of my passions: Fashion, Creativity, Fetish and Edginess. I started drawing models and clothing at the age of 3. I always knew that I wanted to be a Designer. I have a degree in Fashion Design, and I’ve been a Clothing Designer since 1997. I’ve worked for several of South Florida’s largest clothing manufacturers. This is where it all began. I’ve always been a bit “different”. In 2005, I decided to take all of the things I love and create a “different” side project for myself. My side project blossomed into something amazing…an alter ago…a business…

Who is Magdalena?

The name MaggieDelena is a play on words. Pronounced Magdalena. Magdalena is a dichotomy. On her best days she can be described as a Goddess, bombshell, siren, a vixen, independent, a force of nature… On her worst days she can be a heart breaker, a dangerous bitch, an ice Queen. She loves being a woman. She loves being feminine. She also loves to be tough and wear combat boots. She loves to softly seduce. She also loves to dominate. She loves to cook and bake cookies. She also loves guns and knives. She loves cute, fuzzy animals like Pandas and Polar Bears, Puppies, and Kittens. But she also loves skulls, death and decay. She is made up of so many contradictions wrapped into one woman, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She chooses to be just who she is, and nothing else.

I started this because I think latex clothing should be beautiful. I think it should fit your body like a second skin. I think it should enhance your body.