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Photo Shoot - Sexy new images

My dear friend Marilyn Scavo of Get Sexy photos just moved her photo studio to a new location after 13 years in Coral Gables. Her new studio has a variety of backdrops and themes, and in order to promote her new "black room", we planned a sexy latex shoot with gorgeous model Karina. Marilyn has 30+ years experience in boudoir photography, and was able to capture so many gorgeous shots. She experimented with red and blue lights within the black room. She even has a grey brick wall that gave us a dungeon look.

With the addition of these photos, we were able to add over 10 new latex silhouettes to the website. New bikinis, dresses, and accessories such as gloves and chokers, fuller coverage knickers, and suspender belts. Check out our new styles, they're all marked as New Arrivals!

Model wearing MaggieDelena latex bra and gloves

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