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MaggieDelena latex design was born of my passions: Fashion, Creativity, Edginess, and Fetish. I started drawing clothing at the age of 3 and I always knew that I wanted to be a designer. I went to University for Fashion Design, and I started working for apparel companies as a Clothing Designer in 1997. I’ve worked for several of South Florida’s largest clothing manufacturers. This is where it all began. 


I’ve always been a little bit “different”.  In 2005, I decided to take all of the things I love and create a side project. My hobby turned into something amazing…an alter ego…




Spoiler alert! She is not me. I am not her. She is a fictional character. The name MaggieDelena is a play on words. Pronounced Magdalena. Magdalena is a dichotomy. On her best days she can be described as a Goddess, bombshell, siren, a vixen, independent, a force of nature…On her worst days she is a heart breaker, a dangerous bitch, an ice queen. She loves being a feminine, but she's also very tough. She loves combat boots. She loves to softly seduce; she also loves to dominate. She loves to bake cookies, but she also loves guns and knives. She loves cute, fuzzy animals but she also loves death, skulls, and decay. She is made up of so many contradictions wrapped into one woman, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She chooses to be just who she is, and nothing else. These dichotomies live within all of us.


I created MaggieDelena because I think latex clothing should be beautiful. I think it should fit your body like a second skin. I think it should enhance your body, hug all your curves and make you feel like a goddess. Empowered. Slip into it and you will see for yourself.

Get to Know Us

All of our clothing is meticulously made to order in Miami, FL, USA.  We only use the finest sheet latex imported from the UK. We make all of our own patterns, and customize each garment to fit the customers measurements. We truly believe in the concept of fit. Your body is not a tube, you have curves and your latex clothing should allow for those curves, and enhance them.  We also believe that latex should be easier to get into.  We use only the highest quality YKK zippers in our garments, and snaps wherever possible to customize strap lengths, etc. Of course, we can always leave them out per your request if you'd rather not have zippers. 

Due to the nature of our custom fit/custom color clothing, we can only produce your garment after your order is placed.  Our turn time can vary from 3-6 weeks, depending on the time of year and workload. "We" are actually a team of one, and I hand cut and produce every garment myself, and appreciate your patience. Your end result will be truly special, I guarantee it.

If you need something right away, shop our "ready to ship" section for one offs, and samples that can ship next day. You can also reach out via e-mail or the contact form below to inquire about which items we are able to turn quickly to try and meet your deadline. 

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