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Latex Polish Cloth - beGLOSS WIPE


Item Description: beGLOSS Wipe - Perfect Shine polishing cloth for latex clothing

We worked together with professionals and users alike to develop a new polishing cloth - the beGLOSS Wipe! A complete upgrade from conventional cloths, the beGLOSS Wipe is loved all around the world for its unsurpassed effectiveness and polishing prowess.


The Original beGLOSS Wipe The eye-catching pink & black beGLOSS wipe has a very unique, fine fibre structure which immediately absorbs the perfect amount of beGLOSS Perfect Shine. It is the perfect tool for your glamorous look that leaves no fluff, marks or streaks. Latex is dry to the touch and ready to wear.


The high-quality beGLOSS WIPE latex polishing cloth is washable and reusable Make sure to use the beGLOSS wipe correctly.


Hair or other clothing does not stick to the latex polish. Leaves no polish residue on other items. Application / explanation manual included.


The beGLOSS WIPE latex polishing cloth is handcrafted in Germany.

Size: Small approx. 22 x 22 cm

and comes with care instructions on the label. The beGLOSS Wipe has been developed and extensively tested in the laboratory by professionals and users. Important

beGloss latex polish wipe

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