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MaggieDelena Autumn Collection Featured in Latex24/7

MaggieDelena's Autumn line has launched! Latex 24/7 has written a lovely article about the launch, which can be read here .

The line can be shopped by clicking this link.

Excerpt below:

MaggieDelena latex, the renowned high-end couture latex clothing brand, has announced the launch of its Autumn 2023 collection. This line takes inspiration from the world of high fashion, offering an exquisite range of elegant and sultry looks that redefine contemporary style.

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MaggieDelena is no stranger to pushing boundaries, and the Autumn 2023 collection is no exception. With a commitment to innovation, and a deep appreciation for latex as a material of endless possibilities, the brand has created a collection that exceeds expectations. Each piece combines the sensuality of latex with the sophistication of high fashion, and as always, focuses on exceptional fit.

Speaking to Latex24/7, MaggieDelena owner and designer Laura Morrissey commented “What sets this collection apart is its emphasis on mix and match versatility. Every item in the Autumn 2023 lineup is designed to complement one another. This approach allows wearers to craft their unique, personal style by combining different pieces from the collection in any color they wish.”

Visit Latex 24/7 to read the rest of the article.

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