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MaggieDelena interviewed by the Shiny Sofa Podcast by Latex 24/7

I am so excited to have been able to join the Shiny Sofa podcast for an interview! Please see below, from the Latex 24/7 Website:

"Welcome to The Shiny Sofa, the official podcast from Latex24/7. Your premier source for the freshest latex fashion news, info, reviews and discussion. In each episode we’ll be speaking to industry insiders about their love of latex fashion, covering the latest news and gaining insightful latex tips and recommendations. So whether you’re new to the world of latex clothing and unsure how to start your latex collection or where to buy from, or maybe you already have a packed shiny wardrobe, then this is the podcast for you.

Joining us on episode thirteen of The Shiny Sofa is the incredibly talented, and passionate, owner and designer of MaggieDelena Latex, Maggie. We catch up on recent latex clothing news, including latex at this years CANNES Film Festival, Fallout TV star Ella Purnell in Vex and find out more about the newly launched RubberMommy Latex brand. We also speak to Maggie about her love of latex fashion, how she always knew she wanted to work in fashion and which celebrity she’d most like to dress in latex.

So join us on The Shiny Sofa and smash that subscribe button now!"

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